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Measuring learning & development results with learning analytics

How to demonstrate stronger links between learning and business results

The corporate learning technology market is established, with both midsize and large organizations having implemented a variety of corporate learning technologies. The most mature learning application segment is the learning management systems (LMS). The majority of organisations with over 1,000 employees have LMS platform. These platforms record all the course completions and activities of the learner. Organisations have collected a vast amount of learner data and it continues to expand. To date, organisations have leveraged the basic reporting from these LMS systems to generate reports showing the number of course completions by given roles or business units. Today, organisations are moving beyond traditional completion metrics and investing in learning analytics technologies to improve employee performance and broader business outcomes.

Conventional learning systems only capture limited data on employees and learners. As a result, organisations struggle to incorporate and link learner skills, performance, and financial data.

Wolfram Jost, our Guest Speaker, is a member of imc AG Executive Board and former Chief Technology Officer of Software AG. With vast experience in digital development platform, he has worked extensively in the areas of API management, Internet of Things (IoT), application development, application integration and business transformation. Together with Ivana Lee, imc Managing Director Asia, they will provide strategic thought leadership on this topic.


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