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Fast & Effective Onboarding for New or Repurposed Employee


In extraordinary times like these, organisations are struggling to stay afloat, redefining their business model, and/or cutting costs. In training, it means freezing budgets for non-essential learning and/or finding new ways to reduce costs and create efficiencies. While we have come to accept that this is happening – as leaders of capabilities, functions and people that still need to perform - what do we do now and into the future? How do we do this while we are facing constraints in budget, time and resources?

This is the first part of our webinar series where Ivana Lee, Managing Director Asia, will moderate a discussion with Kirsten Wessendorf, Manager Digital Learning Strategy. This webinar will cover ideas on how to redefine an onboarding training model when organisations suddenly need to find new ways to create efficiency, speed and reduce costs.

This is a free webinar recording. The webinar was recorded on 29 April 2020.

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