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Fostering a Culture of Informal Learning


As the world evolves through rapid decentralisation, many organisations will see their existing skills and competencies outdated.  
The rise of informal learning will become more prevalent for individual and organisational success as the traditional top-down models of learning begin to fade. Successfully equipping people with the skills and competencies of tomorrow requires a foundation of learning agility and experimentation. 
Actively promoting a culture that fosters this will bring informal learning to the forefront of traditional performance and training offerings.  
This webinar aims to analyse the role and importance of informal learning in the workplace, and to provide practical tips on how to promote informal learning across your organisation. 
Nick Petch, our Head of Learning Experience Design and Strategy and Ivana Lee, imc Managing Director Asia, unveiled the secret recipes of informal learning to transform organisations’ learning culture. 
This is a free webinar recording. The webinar was recorded on 10 June 2020. 

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