Learning Technology for Financial Services

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Efficient compliance training

Save valuable time, reduce error rate and keep track of compliance status.


Customised onboarding journey

A learning platform tailored to each employee group to achieve maximum success.


Secure and integrated

Countless integrations. Compliant with the highest security standards.

Our Success Stories

With our 25 years of experience, imc has been supporting various financial organisations worldwide. We provide comprehensive digital learning solutions to manage continuous training requirements such as compliance, updated regulations, new regulations and cyber security issues.  We understand the needs of learners and organisations right from experiences that inspire to ensuring their data is safe. Take a look at our customer success stories to see how we could support your organisation's learning needs.

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David Patterson, Lead eLearning Consultant, Learning Light


This LMS is a catalyst for shaping and transforming organisational learning and IMC are able with their integration and configuration skills using the powerful workflow features produce a fully customised LMS that is reflective of the organisations reality, the organisations business strategy and deliver and LMS that just does that – deliver improved organisational learning performance. 

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imc Learning Suite

Between Learning Management and Learning Experience