imc Learning Suite E-Version

The Essential Learning Management System (LMS)

If you're searching for a simple yet powerful solution with faster implementation, reliable and easily extended with additional features, search no longer! imc Learning Suite, one of the leading learning management systems, is now available in the essential version - cost-effective and immediately deployed.

Although the imc Learning Suite E-Version is a standard LMS, the modular system can grow flexibly by adding features later on. With add-ons like off-the-shelf contents and virtual classrooms you can save time and enable a quick start of your interactive digital training. 


ready to go LMS

Ready in days, not weeks

The cloud-based software can be implemented in days, not weeks and is easy to use for administrators, trainer, supervisors and learners.

Learning Management System on all devices

Anytime and anywhere

Decide when and where to learn with the LMS: Offline, online, on tablet, smartphone or desktop PC, at home or in the office.

LMS fully scalable

Grows with its tasks

Might need additional features later? No worries! The LMS is fully scalable and can be extended anytime.

The Features of the Essential LMS

Learning Portal in Custom Branding

A learning portal adapted to your design allows you to address different target groups individually using functions such as news and catalogue search.


Maintain an overview of user behavior, learning success and the status of compliance-relevant processes at all times.

Certification Management

The Learning Management System reliably supports you in managing certifications for your learners. 

Recommendation Engine

Artificial intelligence recommends content to learners based on their individual learning history and personal interests.

Group and User Management

Setting up user groups simplifies the administration of your learning platform. Divide your users accordingly e.g. learners, administrators or trainers. 


Use the catologue to make learning content available for learners. Learners can search for terms or use filters to find the right content. 


The Learning Suite E-Version is already available in many languages and is constantly being expanded, so you can reach your learners all over the world.

Mobile Apps 

Support location-independent learning. Automatic synchronisation with the LMS ensures that all learning content is always up to date.


The Learning Suite E-Version supports the international SCORM and AICC standards so you can easily import web based trainings into the system. 

Add ons

Add a content authoring tool, off-the-shelf contents, virtual classrooms or technical integrations like a single sign on to the LMS to kick-start your learning programme.

Helpful Add on Modules for your LMS

integrate off-the-shelf content in your LMS

Off-the-shelf Contents

When you want to get your learning programme up and running as fast as possible, you can save valuable time by integrating off-the-shelf contents like compliance, finance, soft skills and many more.

use virtual classrooms in your learning management system

Virtual Classrooms

Integrate virtual classrooms to provide interactive live trainings for your learners worldwide. The feature can be seamlessly integrated into the Learning Suite E-Version.

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