IP 14.4

imc Learning Suite - Highlights of Innovation Pack 14.4

Our teams in product management and development are continuously working on improving imc Learning Suite to provide the best possible user experience for admins, tutors and learners. With this innovation pack, the Learning Management System sports a smoother skill management, an enhanced location structure and a new option to integrate LinkedIn Learning content. We have summed up the most important information below.

Enhanced Skill Management

Enhanced Skill Management

Improved Location Management

Improved Location Management

LinkedIn Learning Integration

LinkedIn Learning Integration

Enhanced Skill Management

The way job profiles and skills are displayed and interacted with has been improved to provide a smoother user experience and a wider range of possible scenarios. Job profiles can be configured to show their assigned skills in a list view instead of the default tile view. An additional configuration is added to determine that every skill in a job profile has to be assessed in order for the job profile to be approvable. Supervisors have a new panel allowing them to see job profile requests and head to the approval process from there.

LMS Skill Management

Enhanced Location Structure

We have improved our location structure to make it more flexible and consistent. Location fields are more effectively grouped and contain more optional fields for additional information such as address and phone number. With this new innovation pack it is now possible to assign locations to groups and business units. If locations are added to a group and the setting is activated at client level, the group members will be restricted to classroom courses of those locations or to courses without a location. Assignment of locations can be imported and updated via excel.

Enhanced Location Structure Learning Management System

LinkedIn Learning Content Integration

imc is now a LinkedIn Learning partner, which means that we now provide the possibility to integrate LinkedIn Learning content offerings into the imc Learning Suite. Administrators can now access LinkedIn Learning courses and add them to the catalogue or integrate them directly into their employees' learning journey. Learners gain seamless access to the rich variety of courses and can engage with LinkedIn Learning Content directly within the imc Learning Suite. The learning status from LinkedIn Learning will be transferred back to the LMS via xAPI.

Please note that a license is necessary to use LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning Content Integration in LMS

QR Codes

With the new update, QR codes can be used for attendance tracking or to access media inside a course. Admins and tutors can create the QR codes as PDF. The new feature enables an easy connection to offline and online learning. Tutors can now save time by tracking attendance of events automatically and without additional work. The QR codes also provide an easy way to gather feedback in face-to-face courses.

Use QR_codes in Learning Management System

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