LMS Migration

Transforming your Learning Management System to Improve Business Performance

Have you outgrown your existing Learning Management System? Migrating to a new LMS is a complex project that requires time and planning and experienced teams of experts from consultants to developers that can guide you through the implementation end to end.

The protection of your existing data and content material is critical in the migration process. At imc, we have the expertise over many years in successfully migrating a wide range of LMS.  We can transform what could be a complex process into a smooth and seamless transition.

What makes a successful LMS migration?

LMS Migration

An expert team at your side

A team of business consultants, technical consultants and developers will support you throughout the project.

LMS Migration

Project plan & checklist

We work with you to develop a step-by-step and detailed project plan consisting of 10 phases.

Sample Checklist
LMS Migration

Flexibility & experience

Past projects have shown the need for a flexible approach in the implementation as no two systems are the same.

Are you thinking of transforming your LMS ?

Whether you are already planning to carry out an LMS migration or you are still in the evaluation phase, we would be happy to advise you in an exploratory consultation. Simply contact us using the form below.

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FAQs about LMS migration

We have collected tips from industry experts in our LMS Hot Topics article series and summarised the most important questions and answers in our FAQ list.


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