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AI-Driven Authoring Tool

New AI-driven authoring tool creates high-quality content in the blink of an eye

High-quality user-generated elearning content

How can you enable Subject Matter Experts in your organisation to share their knowledge, in an inspiring and engaging way?
Let imc Express do the job!
imc Express is a new AI-driven authoring tool that enables your people to create high-quality e-learning content quickly and easily.


Templates and artificial intelligence (AI) ensure that learning content always looks professional. 


Copy and paste texts or import a Word file. That is all you have to do, imc Express will take care of the rest. 

In many shapes and sizes

Reading, listening, watching, or do you prefer some interaction? imc Express transforms plain text into every form of content you desire.

See imc Express for yourself

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Request a free 30-minute-demo

More than 1200 customers worldwide

And with a customer retention rate of 98%, we think it is safe to say they appreciated our help.


Core Leader for Learning Systems

Europe's leading analyst for the HR industry, Fosway Group, has classified imc as "Core Leader" for learning systems.  

Fosway Group Core Leader

More about imc

imc has more than 20 years of experience, 320 employees spread out across 12 international locations, and over 1,200 customers worldwide running from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to state and national government departments, to multinational groups.

We are a leading full-service provider for digital training, and we make learning better - by rewriting the way we learn.

Experts in technology, e-learning content and strategy work hand in hand to provide holistic and customised e-learning solutions.

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