Partner training

This is how you make partner training an integral part of your business strategy

Have you ever considered training your partners, dealers, customers, members, or even the general public?


It might be worth considering, as it results in:

  • More trained resources
  • More efficient collaborative processes
  • More revenue

Plus, it turns your partners into advocates and your advocates into your most ardent sales representatives.


In short, it will grow your business.

In our whitepaper Skyrocket partner revenue through training we discuss the topics you should consider when incorporating partner training in your business strategy and we share practical tips and insights about how to get started.


whitepaper partner training

Download Whitepaper

In this whitepaper:


Practical Checklist

Tick off these 10 points to unlock the potential of partner training.

Discussion starter

Discussion starter

Does your organisation have a training mindset?

Technical advice

Technical advice

How to centralise what you can and personalise what the learners need.


Gijs Daemen

Brand Manager imc

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