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The Essential LMS Business Case Guide:
Your 5-step guide

Get your Learning Management System (LMS) project on the right track from day one with our free ebook to navigate you through your business case. 70 % of projects fail because of lack of preparation and understanding of what's needed once the project gets approved. The BASIC business case method gets you past the process of simply justifying the needs and helps you to plan the execution of the LMS implementation.

The BASIC business case method will take you through: background info, analysis of stakeholder needs, solution comparisons, implementation process and cost/benefit Analysis.

Download LMS guide and templates

Download guide and templates

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The guide offers

Advice and recommendations

Advice and recommendations

Learn why you should invest in new solutions and how a new learning platform can be a success.

imc BASIC method

imc BASIC method

The ebook guides you through the 5 steps of the BASIC method to create a comprehensive business case.

Free templates


You receive immediately usable templates that you can use for your business case.

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