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Competency-based Learning
The learning concept for the digital age

Digital transformation challenges classical professional training: Technical innovations, agile product development and changing customer demands, as well as digital technologies are changing the way people and companies work. As a result, companies face an increasing demand for continuing education and skill development for their employees.

Competency-based Learning is the learning concept of the digital age for mastering these challenges. This eBook, which was developed in cooperation with eLearning Journal, shows how to implement Competency-based Learning, which steps to take and how to use "competence" as a resource to realise a profit for employees and the company.

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The eBook offers

Double expertise

Double expertise

The eBook has been produced in cooperation with eLearning Journal.



Learn more about how to master the challenges of insurance industry.

Specific advice

Specific advice

Get to know essential recommendations as next steps.

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