The Power of Conversational Learning: Chatbots in the Workplace

Many companies are confronted with the challenge that their digital learning programs are one-way conversations, overwhelm the learner with vast amounts of training materials and informational videos. This will lead to decreasing motivation and rapid oblivion of the learned knowledge. The solution to this problem are chatbots - automatic systems embedded in a news app. With the use of chatbots you can create a learning experience similar one-on-one teaching, an interactive/social and dynamic interaction between learner and system, also called conversational learning.

In our eBook we show you how chatbots enable conversational learning and how they can help to support new knowledge development as well as to increase learning motivation and interest. The eBook explains in detail 9 convincing arguments why conversational learning is the natural choice for modern work environments where time, focus, targeted content and digital access are top priority.

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The eBook offers

Convincing arguments


Nine powerful arguments help you to focus on Conversational Learning for your digital learning programs in the future.

Specific recommendations

Specific recommendations

Receive recommendations on how to master challenges in the context of further education with the use of chatbots.

Expert knowledge


Gain access to exclusive expert knowledge and practical tips from over 20 years of experience as a full-service provider in digital training.

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