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Imagine having an enterprise learning management system that learners love using. imc Learning Suite is an integrated LMS and LXP based on the user-centric design for perfect learning experiences. Users decide which learning path to take and how to access it – mobile, online, offline, on the internet or through an app. For an even smoother learning experience, make the imc Learning Suite features available across your company's software landscape by utilising the full potential of the headless LMS.

The 60-minutes consultation with our LMS experts will include:

  • Explanations of imc Learning Suite features.
  • Various LMS use cases such as onboarding, compliance, learning analytics, learning experience. 
  • Our successful case studies according to your industry.
  • Tailor-made solutions based on your organisation's needs.



imc Learning Suite

Improve Learners Experience and Business Result










We are excited about the opportunities the system will give to further enhance training access in the organisation. It will provide one complete view across the enterprise, whilst still being flexible enough to allow creativity and innovation across business units.

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